Welcome to Matagorda County Cavalry

We are motorcyclist of Matagorda County Texas, who over many years have reached out to our community to try to fulfill the needs of many people. We have now founded an Organization by Matagorda County people for the people of Matagorda County, Texas. We are home town people trying to take care of our own. The organization is called "Matagorda County Cavalry", and here is our vision.

Vision Statement

Matagorda County Cavalry exists to assist the families of Matagorda County, Texas who have family members that are serving, or have served in the Military, or as Law Enforcement, Firefighters or EMT's in Matagorda County, Texas by organizing the local motorcycle community to come together and provide escorts for their loved one(s) in times of sorrow or celebration at the families request.

There are no Fees or Dues to become a Matagorda County Cavalry member. You do not need to have served in the Military or be in Law Enforcement or a Firefighter to join Matagorda County Cavalry. You only need to be Patriotic and respectful of others.

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